Drive sales and profitability through focusing on the key performance indicators that matter most to your bottom line.


Track and measure individual and team server performance by check average, sales per cover or check, table turn
time and menu category. Easily identify areas of strength and need for improvement. The insights gained lead to
increased revenue through more productive training sessions and performance reviews.


See your sales data in a whole new light anytime from anywhere. Seamlessly monitor, gauge and compare sales performance
for any period in one location or across all locations. Develop a thorough understanding of the factors that impact
sales performance and make more informed and profitable business decisions.

New vs Repeat Customers

Track new and repeat customers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. See which menu items and promotions
are bringing people in for the first time and bringing them back. Compare check averages, tips and table turn times.
Gain greater insight as to why business may be up or down.

Prep and Service Times

Identify and measure the relationship between prep times, service comps and guest satisfaction.
View average order prep times at a glance to fine tune operations and increase efficiencies.