Eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets and daily updating of information. Key performance data and insights are delivered seamlessly and available at your fingertips anytime and anywhere. Cut office work time up to 50%.


Fully integrates with leading POS and back office systems.  Consolidated and easily sortable sales, comp, discounts, voids, guest counts, check average and labor cost reports all charted and graphed in a user friendly format.  Real time notifications of negative trends.  Improve accuracy of Payroll and Profit and loss statements.  Identify potential errors in payroll before processing the checks.


Save time and energy with customized communication tools that keep everyone in the know and on top of their
responsibilities with the click of a button. Eliminates the need for cumbersome and inefficient log books.

Operational procedures

Easily manage and monitor checklists, schedules, time and attendance and staff productivity from your desk top or mobile device. Enables employees to receive schedules, request time off, change shifts and send messages through their mobile device.

Managers Meetings

Consolidates all of the vital information needed to save time preparing for meetings and shifts.
Pinpoints positive results and areas of concern. 

Shift Prep

Significantly Increases the effectiveness of meetings and shift Prep leading to higher levels of efficiency and profitability.
Performance highlights delivered daily to ownership and managers email creating a more efficient and
productive way to share, review and take action on the numbers.

Managing Costs